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On October 17, in UC Clermont’s library, Pet Partners brought in multiple therapy dogs for the students to pet and cuddle with. Humans have always had deep connections with their canines and it has been proven that simply petting dogs calms us, and college students can definitely benefit from this.


“Tell me about yourself.” This is the most common and the most dreaded question you can be asked in an interview. If you are like me, this question causes you to freeze. What should be shared?

This year, UC Clermont is bringing back the Foreign Language Club.  Dr. David Gómez-Cambronero Madrid is going to be the main advisor. This club, he states, will be “an all-inclusive student body-lead organization that promotes interest and celebrates the understanding of international languages and cultures.”

Are you a fan of “Pokémon Go?” If you are like the majority of students, you have probably already scoured UC Clermont’s campus to catch them all.

On September 7, UC Clermont students had the opportunity to attend a Pokémon Go-themed festival from 11am - 2pm on the commons.

On September 7th, Professor Axel Olaf Kern came to UC Clermont and delivered a lecture on healthcare in Germany, the country he calls home. Free soda and different pizzas were available to anyone who attended, with anchovy being requested by Professor Fankhauser, who organized the event.


Sri Lanka Service Learning Trip Information

Studying abroad is a dream of many college students. With the opportunity to experience new culture, to meet people from across the globe, and to just have fun somewhere they have never been before, who could resist? For UC Clermont students, studying abroad is very possible. Even this spring, an English 2089 class will be going to‚Äč Sri Lanka.



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